LOOK: 14 Surprising Uses of Vicks

    A popular remedy for common colds, Vicks VapoRub is an ointment first concocted by pharmacist Lunsford Richardson from North Carolina in the 1890’s.

    Vicks has surprising uses in our everyday lives.
    Unknown to many, Vicks has surprising uses in our everyday lives.
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    For over a century, coughers and weezers from all over the world has used Vicks VapoRub to soothe common cold and flu symptoms. But unknown to many, the ointment has a myriad of surprising uses in our everyday lives.

    Here are some of its amazing uses, according to qpolitical.com.

    1. Fights acne and pimples

    Since Vicks contains ingredients such as eucalyptus oil and camphor, it can actually reduce the occurrence of annoying acne and pimples. Simply dab a little ointment directly on your pimple and leave it overnight for a smoother skin the next day.

    2. Prevents pets from peeing

    If your pet is not yet potty-trained, Vicks can do the trick for a pee-free home. Just leave an open bottle of Vicks on your pet’s favorite spot to discourage them from peeing and marking their territory.

    3. Heals splinters and paper cuts

    Vicks actually speeds up the healing process of a minor cut or splinter and helps prevent infection.

    4. Repels mosquitos and insects

    The cedar leaf oil component of Vicks is a known natural insect repellant. To deter pesky mosquitos and insects, just rub the ointment on your skin or clothes.

    5. Relieves pain from tick and bug bites

    Relieve painful bug and tick bites by applying Vicks immediately on your skin.

    6. Prevents cats from scratching

    You love your kitty but you can’t keep her from scratching your door and furniture. Stop them from ruining your house by rubbing Vicks on your upholstery.

    7. Effective cough reliever

    Can’t get your much needed-rest because of your troublesome cough? Apply Vicks on your feet and put socks on overnight. This trick apparently works to effectively relieve your cough.

    8. Heals dry, cracking heels

    Visibly dry cracked heels are a major turn off. Apply a thick layer of Vicks on your heels and feet then massage for 5 minutes. Keep the moisture locked in by wearing socks overnight. Wash it with warm water the next morning. Do these steps repeatedly until your heels are restored.

    9. Quick relief for minor burns

    To soothe minor burns using Vicks, run some cool water over it then apply Vicks for quick relief.

    10. Relieves sore, overworked muscles

    Unknown to many, the magical ointment actually increases blood circulation giving almost instant aid to your sore overworked muscles. Simply apply a generous amount of Vicks on the affected area for relief.

    11. Heals fingernail or toenail fungus

    Containing thymol, a fungus-fighting ingredient, Vicks effectively heals toenail or fingernail fungus. Put Vicks directly to the affected nail twice a day. Don’t forget to put on socks at bed time. Keep trimming your nails until you get rid of the affected area.

    12. Great decongestant

    Applying Vicks to your upper chest can help you get rid of congestion and cough.

    13. Works as a great aromatherapy

    Put some Vicks in your humidifier if it has an aromatherapy compartment as this will keep you breathing easy throughout the night.

    14. Relieve headaches.

    The menthol scent in Vicks helps release pressure in your head relieving you from paim. Apply a small amount of Vicks on your forehead and temples to kiss your headache goodbye.

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