LOOK: Was Cacai Bautista “friendzoned” by Ahron Villena?

MANILA, Philippines- For the past few months, singer Cacai Bautista and Kapamilya actor Ahron Villena had been rumored to be an item. A series of social media posts showing their closeness sparked rumors that they are actually in a serious relationship.

Ahron Villena 'friendzoned' Cacai Bautista?
Ahron Villena 'friendzoned' Cacai Bautista? Photo Credit: Instagram/ahronvillena
It appears that Villena decided to dispel rumors linking him to Bautista through a lengthy post on Instagram. Apparently, the 37-year-old singer threw a surprise birthday party for the 29-year-old actor which was attended by Villena’s family and loved ones. Villena took to social media to thank Bautista.

However in his post, Villena emphasized that he is happy being Bautista’s friend/bestfriend.

Although two versions of his post emerged online, it was stated clearly in both posts that he loves Bautista as a friend. In fact, Villena mentioned the word “friend/best friend” several times in his posts.

Here’s the unedited version that circulated online.

Ahron Villena post unedited version

Several minutes later, this version appeared. According to some netizens, Villena edited the caption of his post after it received negative comments.

Because of his controversial post, Villena earned the ire of netizens who accused him of giving false hope to Bautista. Some netizens believe that the post was embarrassing for Bautista and it would have been better if Villena just sent it as a private message to his best friend.

An hour later, Bautista decided to break her silence about the issue. In her Instagram post titled “Kalma”, Bautista clarified that she is happy with whatever relationship she has with Villena.

She wrote: “I hate it when people put pressure on people’s relationships even if they don’t know how it works. Pero ang alam ko lang, totoo kung ano mang meron tayo. Maganda ang nabuo naming friendship.”

(But I know what we have is true. We created a beautiful friendship.)

-Mini, The Summit Express

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