VIDEO: Freak accident in Marcos Highway flyover in Baguio City goes viral

MANILA, Philippines- A video of a freak accident involving a motorcycle and a Mitsubishi Adventure along the Marcos Highway flyover in Baguio City which took place on on Saturday, February 13 has gone viral.

Freak accident in Marcos Highway flyover in Baguio City goes viral

In a viral dashcam video shared by netizen Leo Kimbungan on Top Gear Philippines, a Mitsubishi AUV was spotted overtaking on the left lane on a yellow double line. Unfortunately, a motorcycle speeding away on the opposite lane had a head-on collision with the Mitsubishi vehicle since the latter overtook on a blind curve. As a result of the reckless move of the Mitsubishi AUV driver, the driver of the motorcycle was sent flying into the air over the AUV then fell flat on the concrete. During the duration of the footage, the driver seemingly looked lifeless as it lay still on the road.

However, a certain Carlo Bueno, who is apparently a staff at Baguio General Hospital where the driver was brought, said that the motorcycle driver survived the mishap and only sustained an open arm fracture.

The video has amassed over 1 million views and almost 30,000 shares as of press time.

Warning: This video contains graphic content.

Never overtake or counter-flow on a double yellow line. (Video from Leo Kimbungan)
Posted by TOP GEAR PHILIPPINES on Monday, February 15, 2016

According to an article by Top Gear Philippines, a double yellow line signifies a no-passing zone. This means that motorists are strictly prohibited from overtaking or counter-flowing as doing such will highly lead into an accident. This road marking is often seen on blind curves and on bridges.

Although several netizens pointed out that the Mitsubishi driver was unfamiliar with
the significance of a double yellow line, others think that the driver was aware but just disregarded the rule and failed to consider the safety of other motorists. 

- Mini, The Summit Express

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