LOOK: Pacquiao’s campaign car allegedly parked outside his mistress' mansion

MANILA, Philippines - Why was Manny Pacquiao’s campaign car parked in front of this mansion in an executive village in Quezon City?

Pacquiao’s campaign car allegedly parked outside his mistress’s mansion

The of daughter former Sandiganbayan Associate Justice Anacleto Badoy, Dr. Lorraine Marie T. Badoy has posted a photo of Pacquiao’s campaign car parked in front of a mansion reportedly located in Soliven 3 corner Finland St. in Loyola Grand Villas in her Facebook account on Tuesday, February 23. Although Badoy did not name the owner of the said mansion, she claimed that it is common knowledge in their village that the fighting Congressman’s mistress resides there.

Guess what I saw when I went on a run this morning in my village? Manny Pacquiao's campaign car in front of his mistress...
Posted by Lorraine Marie T. Badoy on Monday, February 22, 2016

According to Badoy, she had no intention of exposing the world boxing champion’s private life until he expressed his views on same-sex unions. Pacquiao, who compared homosexuals to animals during his controversial interview with Bilang Pilipino, earned the ire of netizens who support the LGBT community.

Badoy stressed in her post that the Senatorial aspirant, whom she accused of being a hypocrite, is making a mockery of marriage of vows.

“And yet not even a week after letting loose his obscene, ignorant, hateful pronouncements that made so many of us hurt so bad (at least the compassionate, enlightened, intelligent half of humanity. The rest of his ignorant, uneducated, hateful, barefoot brethren sang him praises, as expected), here is Manny making a mockery of the very same vows he claims to hold in such high standards,” she wrote.

Badoy’s post quickly spread like wildfire generating almost 600 shares as of press time. While several netizens pointed out that Badoy’s photo does not prove anything, others challenged Badoy to post a photo of Pacquiao’s alleged mistress in front of the mansion as evidence.

Others also came to Pacquiao’s defines saying that the 37-year-old world-class athlete is currently in General Santos City training for his upcoming fight.

An article by Bandera in 2009 mentioned that Krista Ranillo, daughter of actor Mat Ranillo III who was previously linked to Pacquiao, as well as her former boyfriend director Dominic Zapata had plans of buying a 500-square meters property in the same village. Ranillo tied the knot with a businessman in 2010 and is currently residing in Beverly Hills with her husband and three kids.

--Mini/The Summit Express

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