Tagaytay car accident victims cover photos: A premonition of their 'final destination?'

MANILA, Philippines - Days following the death of six minors involved in the Tagaytay car crash on Sunday, January 17, a netizen has apparently discovered the chilling connection of the victims’ Facebook cover photos to their tragic deaths.

Christian Layug was shocked to see that the cover photos of graduating junior high school students appear to indicate their ill fate. A collage of the screenshot of their cover photos, created by Layug, quickly made rounds on social media.

Tagaytay car accident victims Facebook

Tagaytay car accident victim Facebook
The victims’ Facebook cover photos apparently revealed clues to their tragic death. Photo Credit: Christian Layug

In the caption, Layug wrote: “Yung four minors po yung mga passengers na namatay sa car accident sa Tagaytay tignan niyo yung cover photos nila. Road, Signs, Smoke then Darkness. Then yung single po yun yung Driver nila tignan niyo rin yung cover photo niya nakakakilabot.”

(Take a look at the cover photos of the four minors who died in a car accident in Tagaytay. Road, Signs, Smoke then Darkness. The single screenshot shows the chilling cover photo of the driver.)

Layug’s post has since been removed.

“I took down what I posted. I did not intend to subject anyone to anything harmful. I just wanted to send a message of calling for prayers. If there is anything the victims of the accident need right now, it is our prayers,” Layug shared after deleting the viral photos.

Several netizens found striking similarities of the coincidence with the horror movie “Final Destination.” In the film, one of the characters had a premonition of their deaths, which later tragically turned into reality due to a series of morbid accidents.

Through a viral Facebook post, a certain Den Castillo who claimed to have witnessed the incident accused Tagaytay police of giving slow response to the victims. According to Castillo, the victims could have been saved if the police timely and properly attended to the teenagers trapped inside the burning car.

Witness reveals 'real story' behind Tagaytay car crash

On Tuesday, January 19, Tagaytay City police chief Supt. Ferdinand Quirante dismissed Castillo’s claims asserting that the barangay tanods arrived at the scene 10 minutes after the accident. Minutes later, the policemen arrived to help extinguish the fire from the car, which earlier hit a concrete barrier and several trees.

“Pinagtulungan ng pulis at barangay 'yung apoy. Gumamit sila ng apat na fire extinguishers to take the small fire out,” Quirante said.

(The policemen and barangay officials worked together to put out the fire. They used four fire extinguishers to take the small fire out.)

-Mini, The Summit Express


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