VIRAL: Open letter for Gab Valenciano reveals father Gary V’s past infidelity

MANILA, Philippines - Gab Valenciano’s debatable Facebook tirade against Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte has elicited various reactions from netizens. While many admired Valenciano for courageously conveying his thoughts on Duterte’s morality, several others bashed him for criticizing the presidential wannabe.

Gab Valenciano and Gary V
Gary Valenciano and son Gab. Photo Credit: Gary V/Gab Instagram

In the anonymous open letter shared by a certain Irene Kelly on Facebook, Valenciano was reminded to look first at his family before finding faults in others. According to the letter, Gab’s father Gary V was once a womanizer who got another girl pregnant while still in a relationship with another woman.


The anonymous letter sender revealed that Gary V’s ex-girlfriend was Felichi Pangilinan-Buizon, the younger sister of Angelie Pangilinan- Valenciano, Gab’s mother. In addition, the letter sender also pointed out that Gab was the child conceived out of indiscretion.

Open letter for Gab Valenciano
PHOTO CREDIT: Facebook/Irene Kelly

“So stop talking about womanizing, values, morality and loyalty when your own parents did not exactly do the right thing either. How come you never condemned your parents?”

Stressing that he or she is not supporting any candidate or condoning infidelity, the writer urges Gab to look within his own family before judging others.

The writer further said that people admire Gary V for his talent and look beyond his faults in the past.

“By the way, I like Gary V because he is a good singer and not because he was a womanizer. A lot of people support and admire Gary because of his talent. They did not judge his faults. Look the story up on Google and on YouTube (Angeli and Felichi opened up about it on the 700 Club show).”

In case you’re wondering, here’s a video of the Angeli and Felichi’s interview on 700 Club Asia.

Based on Felichi’s testimony in 700 Club Asia, she and Gary V. had a relationship for two months before the latter ended it. Apparently, Gary V. had fallen in love with another woman who happened to be Felichi’s older sister. The new pair eventually tied the knot in 1985.

Despite their painful past, Angeli claims that her husband and sister remain best of friends.

-- Mini,The Summit Express

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