MMFF denies 'ticket swapping' claims of AlDub moviegoers

MANILA, Philippines - The Metro Manila Film Festival (MMFF) 2015 committee on Saturday, December 26 has issued official statement on the alleged ticket swapping claims being raised on social media by AlDub moviegoers (fans of Maine Mendoza and Alden Richards) and ‘My Bebe Love’ camp.

Beauty and the Bestie vs My Bebe Love

"The Metro Manila Film Festival, after looking into the ticket swapping issue, strongly denies the existence of such and is enjoining all the stakeholders of the Festival to be responsible in expressing their sentiments especially on Social Media," statement reads.

MMFF added that the issue is baseless and will only destroy the true meaning of the festival.

"The objective of the MMFF is to promote the local film industry and this baseless issue will only sideline the true intent and purpose of the Festival. Let’s continue supporting all the entries of the MMFF 2015."

MMFF official statement ticket swapping

'My Bebe Love' director Jose Javier Reyes on Twitter and some AlDub fans claimed the “ticket swapping” incidents that happened on Friday as the cinemas open for Metro Manila Film Festival movies.

Meanwhile, SM Cinema in a Twitter post said that there had been a “mistake” in the printing of some tickets. “After verification, it was a mistake due to the high volume of tickets purchased. Apology for any inconvenience.” The tweet was taken down hours after posting.


Eric John Salut, the AdProm Manager for Publicity and Social and Print Media Relations of ABS-CBN said the issue is just a stupidity and commended Kapamilya moviegoers for not being fooled by the hoax.

On Saturday morning, the 'No To PHOTO COPY' hashtag trended on Twitter nationwide still pertaining to alleged 'ticket swapping' between MMFF 2015 topgrossing films Vice Ganda's 'Beauty and the Bestie' and AlDub's 'My Bebe Love.'

But instead of social media war, some netizens encouraged us to be contented and patient despite of different views of everyone. -

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