WATCH: Eiffel Tower goes dark in memory of Paris terror victims


Paris has gone dark in light of the Friday the 13th's terror attacks in several districts of the city.

 Eiffel Tower goes dark in memory of Paris terror victims

The Eiffel Tower, a known monument in France turned its lights off for the first time since 1889 in memory of over 100 people who died in the Paris shooting.

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Meanwhile, Paris peace symbol sign has gone viral on social media in the wake of the "heartbreaking situation." Instagram has credited the user @jean_jullien for illustating the poignant sketch of Paris’ iconic Eiffel Tower.

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On the latest report, the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) has claimed responsibility for the series of attacks across Paris - the deadliest evening the French capital has seen in a generation.

The terror group released a statement in French and Arabic early Saturday, according to the Associated Press, hours after French President François Hollande blamed ISIS for the attacks.

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