Liz Uy, Fashion Pulis in 'cyber war' over Maine Mendoza's outfits issue

MANILA, Philippines - Celebrity stylist Liz Uy on Monday issued statement after she filed libel and slander charges against blogger Michael Sy Lim, the man behind the popular gossip site Fashion

Liz Uy, Fashion Pulis in 'cyber war' over Maine Mendoza's outfits issue

Stop the Hate

On her Instagram account, Uy posted a photo with '#StopTheHate' campaign as a firm stand against the alleged cyber-bullying of Lim's posts in relation to the issues on outfits of Maine Mendoza of the AlDub (Mendoza and Alden Richards) tandem.

"As a former fashion editor, I was trained to uphold FAIR and RESPONSIBLE journalism at all times.

"When I transitioned into celebrity styling and accidentally became a public figure myself, I learned to embrace that being scrutinized by the public is part and parcel of that position. However, sometimes things can be taken too far and place me in a bad light, discrediting my hard work, my team, and my styling company.

"I am not the first victim—many others have chosen to remain silent. I could have done the same, but in the end, I realized that if we always let him get away with cyber bullying, then he will continue to propagate untruthful claims and malicious gossip on his blog and social media accounts.

"Thank you to everyone who has expressed their support. I am fighting this battle not just for myself, but for every single person—celebrity and otherwise—who has been bashed relentlessly and unfairly. #StopTheHate," Uy said.

Libel and grave slander cases

Uy is claiming damages amounting to P11 million suing Lim for online libel under Section 4(c)(4) of the Cybercrime Prevention Act of 2012 in relation to Article 355 of the Revised Penal Code and one count of grave slander under Article 358 of the Revised Penal Code.

The online libel case is about's article titled "Stylist Makes Maine Mendoza Wear Recycled Gown on Historical TV Event" on which Lim says Mendoza worn the same gown Kim Chiu had used for other event. Lim is referring to the highly successful AlDub 'Tamang Panahon' charity event at the Philippine Arena on October 25 with Uy was hired as the stylist of the break-out star.
Maine Mendoza and Kim Chiu same gown
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The fashion designer has clarified on his Instagram account that Chiu only modeled the gown for his "Francis Libiran Metrowear Icon" fashion show held at the Edsa Shangri-La in 2013. Uy also said to that TAPE Inc., owner of Eat Bulaga franchise purchased the gown for the special event.

"We are so glad, honored and grateful that Maine Mendoza and her official stylists, Stylized Studio, Inc., chose a beautiful Francis Libiran dress from our Spring/Summer 2015 .

"Maine Mendoza's gown at Eat Bulaga's Tamang Panahon concert for a cause was bought and paid for by Eat Bulaga Production.

"The gown was first previewed during the "Francis Libiran Metrowear Icon" fashion show held at the Edsa Shangri-la in 2013 where we launched an entire 100-piece collection, including the Pink Series.

Our good friend Miss Kim Chiu was generous enough to model this gown for the said fashion show.
This gown has not been worn at any other event by any other celebrity," Libiran shared on Instagram.

Meanwhile, Uy's slander case against Lim is due to "false and malicious verbal tirades" against her at a dinner event in Manila Peninsula last October 28. Uy's lawyer Lorna Kapunan and her friends allegedly witnessed Lim telling other guests that Uy let Mendoza wear a "hand-me-down" Gucci jacket for a Preview Magazine shoot.

Maine Mendoza and Liz Uy same jacket
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Uy's camp later clarified that she was not responsible for the incident and not present during the said photoshoot.

'I have no malicious intent'

On his blog post, Lim released official statement and said it was based on truthful observation and freedom of expression.

"It is sad that a public figure such as Liz Uy decides to file a case against me.

"Her feelings of being wronged by my post was based on a common truthful observation about her body of work relative to Maine Mendoza of AlDub which many people other than me also pointed out.”

"Is it a crime for ordinary people, bloggers, showbiz writers, and journalists to point out valid observations about those in the public eye?

“Other bloggers, writers, journalists, and I should not be cowered by the filing of cases just to suppress the freedom to express and of the press. I will fight this case with courage because I have no malicious intent.

"My lawyer is also studying the filing of counter charges for malicious prosecution and damages of this suppression of our freedom of the press and expression," Lim said.

Fashion Pulis also revealed Maine's reaction (direct message) for his tweets about the gown issue.

Maine Mendoza message to FashionPulis
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