VIDEO: Alma Moreno bashed with no ‘reservations’ after interview with Karen Davila

MANILA, Philippines - Former Parañaque City councilor and actress Alma Moreno was indeed bashed by netizens and televiewers without any ‘reservations’ after her catastrophic interview with broadcast journalist Karen Davila on her daily morning program ‘Headstart’ which is being aired on ANC.
Alma Moreno bashed with no ‘reservations’ after interview with Karen Davila
Alma Moreno was bashed with no ‘reservations’ by netizens after her interview with Karen Davila.
Photo Credit: Karen Davila on Instagram
The almost 24-minute interview that transpired between the two ladies last week (November 11) became the talk of the town and the Twitterverse. Moreno was grilled to the max by Davila on various social issues in which the actress gave her remarkable gibberish answers which set the Filipino viewers on fire particularly at the 09:44 part.

WATCH: Here is the video of Karen Davila’s interview in which Alma Moreno struggled for 23 minutes. (video courtesy of ABS-CBN News)

Same-sex marriage, a sin according to Moreno

“Yes. Sa akin, ha, yung magpapakasal (same-sex). Pero yung mag-ano (to have sex), okay lang. Pero yung magpapakasal, parang hindi ko…” in which some netizens reacted and became confused with her contradicting statements.

On Moreno’s her advocacy if elected to the senate

When Davila asked Moreno on what will be her advocacy once she ascends to one of the thrones in the senate the actress replied ‘Ah, more on sa kababaihan (women)’ in which Davila tried to dig more by asking ‘Like what?’ in which Moreno started scrambling for the loss of thoughts on the issue.

To which Davila remarked, "But then the law exists already." Moreno then said,"Pero may mga bagay na di na-implement (There are things that have not been implemented)." Davila again asked, "Like what?" Moreno, at this point, laughed nervously and said, "Teka muna (Wait a second)" followed by a clearly nervous laugh.

And come to the most epic part of that interview was when Davila started pressing Moreno on her stand on RH Bill in which the latter revealed herself to be clearly clueless on the issue with her more confusing replies.

‘Kailangan pa bang sagutin?’ (regarding with her stand on RH Bill) then Davila counters with ‘Of course. You are running for the Senate.’

The ending? Moreno joyfully responds with ‘Kailangan lang daw lagi bukas ang ilaw’
Due to her unexpected poor performance on her interview with Davila, Moreno further earn more comments from netizens as they started making fun of her comical statements.

While many were disgusted with Moreno’s answers, some were on the opposite side saying that Davila should have been more tolerant and played nicer to her guest, telling that her aggressiveness was uncalled for during the interview.

What are your thoughts on Karen Davila’s interview with Alma Moreno? 

— Michael Santiago, The Summit Express

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