The saga continues: Diño withdraws, names Duterte as substitute candidate

MANILA, Philippines - Will Duterte finally give in?

Diño withdraws, names Duterte as substitute candidate

Just when everyone thought its over, hope is now running higher than ever for Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte's legion of supporters after his party-mate, PDP-Laban's Martin Diño withdrew his candidacy for president just earlier today.

Diño made the unsurprising announcement of placing party-mate and Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte to fill the slot he vacated.

'Dutertereserye' continues

After ending the massive clamor of the public for him to run for the presidency some few weeks ago, the popular mayor is now placed again in the limelight after Diño backed out from his presidential ambition due to some reports saying that he will be declared as a nuisance candidate of the Commission on Elections (COMELEC) anytime soon.

Diño who is the chairman of the Volunteers Against Crime and Corruption (VACC) has been vocal of being hurt after the news of his probable disqualification reached him which prompted him to cancel his presidential ambition and placed a more popular Duterte instead. COMELEC on the other hand said that if Diño will be considered for disqualification, it will be on the grounds of him submitting his COC with some clerical error that they found on it which the VACC Chairman dismissed.

Duterte replacing Diño: PDP-Laban's grand plan?

Diño's announcement was met with joy and reignited the hope of Duterte's supporters although this has been being expected by some. Two days ago (October 27), the PDP-Laban issued a party resolution that once Diño will be disqualified or withdraws from the race, Duterte will replace him. Continuing the so-called 'Duterteserye' will keep the fuel to sustain the public's interest on the idea of having an iron-fisted presidency in 2016 managed by 'The Punisher', the moniker given to the Duterte, a wise move from the Duterte's party as being viewed by many.

Aside from this, it can be remembered that Duterte's sons namely Paolo and Sebastian shaved their heads last Tuesday, coinciding with PDP-Laban's statement. Prior to this, Duterte's daughter, Sara Duterte-Carpio already had her hair shaved signaling her support for his father to finally take the presidential campaign challenge. By just connecting the dots, the partyfs earlier statement followed by Dinofs withdrawal seems to be concrete evidences being discussed in the streets that PDP-Laban is brewing something exciting, invigorating in the sense that will further spice up the 2016 elections.

Will it be a yes or no from Duterte?

In an interview to Duterte by CNN Philippines last October 21 (Wednesday), Duterte said that he will listen and put into consideration of the party's proposition in fielding him as their substitute candidate. However, on a recent interview with radio station DZMM, Duterte reiterated again that he will not go as a substitute candidate, insisting that he is 'original'. As of this press writing, none has yet heard again from the Davao City mayor himself as to what will be his final decision regarding the matter.

The hope is still on for the Duterteserye followers. Duterte's possible entry to the presidential derby will further intensify the excitement of the election fever in the country. - Michael Santiago / TheSummitExpress

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