PBB 737 6th Nomination Night Results: 3 housemates up for eviction

MANILA, Philippines - Three housemates were nominated for eviction on PBB 737, Big Brother announced during the sixth nomination night on Saturday, August 1, 2015.

NOMINATED HOUSEMATES: Ylona, Franco and Kamille
NOMINATED HOUSEMATES: Ylona, Franco and Kamille

The “Teen Mama ng Manila" Kamille Filoteo, “Daldal Darling ng Australia” Ylona Garcia and “Totoy Smiley ng Albay” Franco Rodriguez were nominated this week.

nominated housemates pbb 737

Unlike with the previous weeks, PBB has implemented this time the conventional nomination process but with a twist. Housemates were given a guide by their parents or loved ones of who should be booted out of the yellow house.

Meanwhile, the housemate who won the 'Lig-Task' challenge will receive immunity from the nomination.

The “Astig Athlete ng Quezon City” Kenzo Gutierrez won the quiz challenge about the houseguest Enchong Dee. He was saved from the nomination.

The "Global Gwapito ng UK" Bailey May Thomas also got immunity from nomination through the 'Ligtas app'.

Big Brother also announced that the housemates did not succeed on their weekly task called "Pool Volleyball" where housemates played a volleyball game in the swimming pool. Included in the mechanics is, they should toss the ball in the air for 737 times without letting the ball fall from the air.

'PBB 737' on Saturday night topped Twitter trending list with '#PBB7376thNomiNight' in the most talked-about topics.

Find out who will be Kuya's 6th evictee on Wednesday, August 5. Catch PBB 737 on Primetime Bida every Mondays to Fridays; 9:45 p.m. (PST) every Saturdays and Sundays.

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