'Funny One' champion Ryan Rems: How I became a hit is still a mystery

MANILA, Philippines - It's Showtime's “Funny One” grand winner Ryan Rems Sarita did not just bring home the P1 million cash prize. Now, he has his very own segment where viewers can watch him crack jokes every day.

Ryan Rems Sarita, 'Funny One' grand winner
Ryan Rems Sarita, 'Funny One' grand winner | Photo: ABS-CBN

“How I became a hit is still a mystery, even to me. I lost in my first weekday match. I thought this was all worthless. And then I lost again. It’s okay. I’m surprised I tapped an audience that does not watch TV or does not have a TV at home,” said the former English instructor and call center agent.

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Ryan Rems gained popularity in the early stages of the competition because of his signature line “rock and roll to the world.”

And compared to his fellow komikeros on “Funny One,” Ryan Rems is all relaxed on stage, a style he says he has long used even when he performs at stand-up comedy bars.

“They say my jokes are intelligent, but not really. Let’s put it like this: In a family, one member will get me. The other five will swear at me. That one person is enough for me,” he said.

Ryan Rems’ new segment is just one of the many offerings “It’s Showtime” has in store for its loyal madlang people. And since Ryan Rems started appearing on the noontime program, he has gained more fans, including women.

“Before, I already got used to receiving one or two messages on Facebook per week. Now I can no longer count them. There are women who message me things like, ‘You destroyed my world, Ryan Rems. I am all yours,’” Ryan revealed, laughing.

Despite not being comfortable performing on television before, Ryan Rems has managed to become more calm and enthusiastic on stage as people cheer him on. He also added that he is open to offers that will require him to act or star in a sitcom.

Aside from Ryan Rems, viewers can also expect projects featuring other komikeros – Crazy Duo (1st runner-up), Nonong Ballinan (2nd runner-up), No Direction (3rd runner-up), and Gibis Alejandrino (4th runner-up).

Don’t miss the fun in “It’s Showtime’s,” 12:15PM from Mondays to Fridays and 12NN on Saturdays on ABS-CBN.

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