PBB 737 names 3 celebrity houseguests to enter Big Brother house


MANILA, Philippines - The guessing game is over for the meaning of '3' on Pinoy Big Brother (PBB) 737. Reality show's host Toni Gonzaga officially revealed on Saturday night that it pertains to the 3 celebrity houseguests that will enter the famous yellow house starting Sunday, July 26, 2015.

PBB 737 names 3 celebrity houseguests to enter Big Brother house

Toni Gonzaga described the first celebrity houseguest as talented, competitive and sure to make the female housemates giddy with 'kilig.'

Netizens think line up of celebrity houseguests could include ASAP mainstay and PBB co-host Enchong Dee dubbed as the "Swabeng Swimmer ng QC."

UPDATE: First celebrity houseguest is "Swabeng Swimmer ng Quezon City" Enchong Dee.

Enchong Dee PBB houseguest

TheSummitExpress will update this page once PBB named other celebrity houseguests in the coming days.

The announcement of PBB last night received mixed reactions from the online world.

The housemates are now down to seven after Kyle Secades decided to voluntarily leave the famous yellow house on Thursday.

Pinoy Big Brother reveals PBB 737 Official List of Housemates

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