iPhone 6S/iPhone 7 photos and new features leak, release in September 2015

    MANILA, Philippines - Apple's next big thing, the iPhone 6S or iPhone 7 is started to get hype online as newest leaked photos, rumoured features suggest expected release worldwide in just few months from now or in September 2015.

    iPhone 6S exterior
    iPhone 6S exterior. Photo credit: 9to5mac
    Last month, we've reported that the next iPhone has entered early production as the Cupertino giant planned to ramp up manufacturing to full-scale. Rumours say that it will feature new technology called Force Touch, first unveiled for the Apple Watch and the newest MacBook model.

    Apple has no words yet if the new device will be called iPhone 6S or iPhone 7. Though some netizens and avid fans of Apple products called it iPhone 7 as it trended online Saturday, July 25 in the Philippines, but, some major tech websites believed that the much-awaited smartphone will be named iPhone 6S.

    iPhone 6S camera

    Newest leaked photos as revealed courtesy of nowhereelse.fr show that the cover of new iPhone is in resemblance to the current model.

    cover iPhone 6S or iPhone 7

    iPhone 6S manufacturing in full swing
    iPhone 6S manufacturing in full swing
    "Middle generation requires, it's no surprise that we discover tonight that the facade of the new iPhone is in all respect identical to the current iPhone 6," the tech website said (translated from Frech to English).

    It also gave details of alleged iPhone 6S features: "I remind you that in the last news, 6s iPhone should be equipped with a screen of 4.7 inches diagonally, a A9 processor supported by 2GB of RAM and a digital camera 12Mpx coupled with a front camera FaceTime HD 5Mpx."

    Other tech website 9to5mac.com claimed that “S” iPhone upgrade superficially preserves the exterior designs of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, but includes a collection of major internal changes.

    iPhone 7/iPhone 6S back

    "Our source says that any potential difference in thickness or width on the 4.7-inch iPhone 6-sized device is too minimal to notice, but this does not (yet) rule out rumored changes to the larger, 5.5-inch iPhone 6S Plus body."

    Although the iPhone 6S is not yet released, but, rumors are already circulating about the iPhone 7. Ivo Marić and Tomislav Rastovac just created a series of iPhone 7 concept photos that have taken the Internet by storm.

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