Mayweather beats Pacquiao, wins unified welterweight championship titles

MANILA, Philippines – After 12 intense and nail-biting rounds, Floyd “Money" Mayweather retains his immaculate record and now the WBC, WBO and WBA unified Welterweight Champion of the World by outscoring Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao 116-110, 118-112, 118-112 on Sunday, May 3 (Saturday, May 2, USA Time) at MGM Grand Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA.

Greatest Fighter of our Era. Mayweather poses after winning unanimously over Pacquiao. | Credit: AP

6 years of hard ball negotiation, now it is settled. Floyd is the best pound for pound boxer in the world and the greatest fighter of our generation.

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From the very start even before the bout, majority of the boxers declared that they pick Mayweather to win over the undersized Pacquiao. Sugar Shane Mosley, Ricky Hatton, Oscar Dela Hoya, Miguel Cotto and Juan Manuel Marquez whom were all faced by Mayweather and Pacquiao put their money on Floyd but never took out the possibility of a Pacquiao upset because of his lightning speed and concrete-built left hand.

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The game plan is simple for Floyd Mayweather Jr.: Play Smart – make Manny miss his punches and counter. Floyd stick on his game plan from start to finish

They opened the first round with the usual “getting to know each other” phase. Manny and Money kept their distance and threw few jabs to size up each other.

As expected, Manny switched to his usual attack mode from the start of the second round. He pursued Mayweather from one corner to another and caught him with good shots. But Floyd’s defense was simply superior. He never put his guard down in order for Pacquiao to hit him to the body so he can land a clean and powerful counter.

Manny had his moments when he caught Mayweather with solid left straights and sent the American to the ropes. It was on the fourth round when Manny had Floyd pinned at corner and flurried him with volume of great combinations that almost sent the champion down. During the round break, Floyd Mayweather Sr. was caught on camera yelling at his son for not following the game plan of keeping himself distant from the Filipino Southpaw.

Manny hit Floyd plenty of times but Pretty Boy just shook them off and pretended to be unhurt.

Before the main event, Vasyl Lomachenko successfully defended his belt against Gamalier Rodriguez by knocking out the latter on round number 9. Lomachenko with his only 5th professional fight, dominated Rodriguez in all rounds. The Puerto Rican was called twice for low blows and Referee Robert Byrd deducted 2 big points from the challenger. On the 7th round, Lomachenko dropped Rodriguez with a left straight to the body but survived. On the 9th round, the champion gave the challenger a right hook to his side and sent him on his knees. Referee Byrd counted to ten but Rodriguez did not get up and ended the fight in favor of Lomachenko.

Leo “El Terremoto” Santa Ana won over his fellow Mexican, Jose “Tigre” Cayetano on their 10 round bout before the Pac-May fight. Santa Ana won all 10 rounds but did knock down Cayetano who has a granite chin. All judges gave 100 to 90 score cards to “El Terremoto” for the unanimous victory.

As a very tactical fighter, Floyd Mayweather Jr. used his 5-inch reach advantage over Manny Pacquiao by constantly throwing jabs to keep the challenger away and to avoid his powerful left. Floyd is pretty much aware of Manny’s punching prowess so he maintained his distance away and kept on running around the canvass.

Has Manny Pacquiao lost his punching power?

No. His punching power remains along with his speed. It just did not manifest because of Floyd’s game plan to maximize the ring to avoid Manny’s punches. It is Mayweather who lost his sting. It is true that he landed more good and clean shots in Pacquiao’s face and body and the reason why he won this battle unanimously. But, take a look at Manny’s face. He never had a cut nor a swollen part anywhere in his face. Floyd is just witty. He knows how to win smartly.

It was Mayweather’s accurate shots that win him the bout after 12 electrifying rounds.

After the final bell rang, both fighters climbed up on the ring posts, raised their hands and thanked the fans. Mayweather approached Manny in his corner to thank and commend him for a fight well done and gave him a hug as a sign of respect.

With the very convincing win, Floyd announced that he has still one more fight this coming September before he finally hangs up his gloves while Manny will have a good and deserving vacation with his family and leaves everything with his promoter, Bob Arum.

As of today, no rematch has been announced from either Mayweather or Pacquiao’s camp.

Both Mayweather and Pacquiao have already cemented their legacy in the boxing and sports industry. It is time for them to hang up their gloves permanently. For Mayweather, he has proved that he is unbeaten. Many boxers have tried to subdue him but all of them failed including Pacquiao. And for Pacquiao, he has already achieved everything in life. He is the only boxer who won titles in 8 different divisions. His family’s future is secured financially and he has earned everyone’s respect. Nothing to be ashamed of for Manny. He did his best. He made the fight happen and he made the people happy.

Is there no one else?

Amir Khan was spotted in MGM and could possibly fight Floyd Mayweather Jr. in September. For Pacquiao, it could also be Khan for his farewell fight which will happen very soon I believe. It was reported that Bob Arum is now planning to have Manny’s last fight in the Philippines but still uncertain who will he face.

Win or Lose, Pacquiao still won the hearts of every boxing fans. Especially the Filipino fans. We are so proud of you Manny! You have placed the Philippines on top of the world many times. No need to prove yourself. “You’ll be forever the “People’s Champ!”

- Joey Boy Capos, The Summit Express

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