FULL VIDEO: White tiger in Delhi zoo mauls man to death

    A 22-year old man has been killed after being mauled to death by a white tiger inside a zoo in New Delhi, India on Tuesday.

    White tiger in Delhi zoo mauls man to death

    Reports said that the victim identified as Maqsood by the locals jumped into enclosure at National Zoological Park of Delhi. Officials said that he appeared to be under the influence of alcohol.

    Before the shocking incident, a video shows that the man was sitting in such a position that he was pleading to the tiger. For few minutes, the animal touched him many times and also ignored him for a while. But what actually made the tiger angry was the people pelting stones at it.

    The full video which was captured through mobile phone shows that witnesses who were pelting stones towards the tiger to divert its attention made the animal violent and then it killed the man. The white tiger caught the man by his neck and dragged him brutally.

    Authorities are now investigating about the incident.

    Here's the full video of the tragic incident in India: White Tiger Kills Student at Delhi Zoo (courtesy of ReelReplay):

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