4th Eviction Night Results: Aina Solano evicted from 'PBB All In'

Manila, Philippines - Aina Solano, dubbed as the "Dancing Bombshell ng Boracay" was the fourth housemate to be evicted out of the "Pinoy Big Brother" house during the live 4th eviction night of 'PBB All In' on Saturday, June 7, 2014.
Aina Solano evicted from PBB All In

Solano, who was nominated for eviction through standard voting, garnered 8 votes from his housemates.

Among those nominated, Solano only managed to receive 32.47 % of the votes from home viewers.

The 'Maginoong Marino ng Quezon' Ranty Portento was saved from eviction as he got 67.53 percent of votes.

Asked how she felt being ousted from the competition, an emotional Solano said: "Salamat po Kuya. It was the greatest experience of my life."

On Tuesday, Big Brother has reduced the number of housemates up for eviction from three to two, after a challenge given to Ranty, Aina and Joshua that ended with an emotional twist in the episode of the reality show.

In the 'Insta-save' task, nominated housemates were given a chance to save themselves from the threat of eviction should they succesfully finish a challenge.

Each of them was tasked to escape from a locked jail cell using materials provided for them -- a rope, coat hangers, hooks, and a mop. The first one to do so would be removed from the list of nominees.

It was Ranty who proved his resourcefulness. In just 15 minutes, he managed to create a fishing rod to reel in the key which was meters away from their jail cells. However, despite successfully grabbing the key, Portento chose to give Joshua Garcia a chance.

According to Aina, she will also do what Ranty did to Joshua should she got the key first. She said that she has already proven her true self to the housemates and that she is actually ready to go since her first nomination.

Big Brother also announced the results of the sixth weekly task called 'Yes All We Can'. Housemates failed in the said task due to a twist which challenged the housemates decision if they want Alex to exit the house. The housemates' decision was part of the weekly task. The teens and the elderly housemates decided not to evict Alex from the house. Alex will remain in the house, but their weekly task failed.

Meanwhile, PBB host Toni Gonzaga said that a special twist called 'PBB ALL OUT' will be revealed on Sunday.

The 4th eviction night of PBB once again dominated online conversations with '‪#‎PBB4thEviction‬ and 'Fourth and Fifth'' topped Twitter trending list.

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