Woman dances with 12,000 bees on her body

Performance artist Sara Mapelli known as 'Bee Queen' has created online buzz for her amazing dance with 12,000 bees all at once.

Topless woman dances with 12,000 bees on her body

The Portland, Oregon-based beekeeper uses pheromone oil that is equivalent to the scent of 100 queen bees. This is to attract bees to her body in the hope of getting people to think more about the natural world. She describes her bee dances as "a duet among many."

"I dance with honey bees. These 12,000 bees push with their powerful wings from each side of my body, I resist and then I let go and flow and move with them.", the 44-year old bee dancer writes on her website.

"It is a deep meditation and I feel the hive mind surround me, hold me, and expand my body on a cellular level.", she added.

Mapelli said that as bee keepers, they hope to help the bees of the northwest by encouraging them to swarm and become hardy in the ever changing environment.

Mapelli describes the feeling she gets when doing the performances as like "being in a tornado of bees," according to Barcroft TV.

Here's Sara Mapelli's complete Bee Dance:

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