'PBB All In' Update: Viewers now have power to nominate housemates for eviction

Manila, Philippines - Viewers should tune in to “Pinoy Big Brother All In” to get to know more about the housemates because for the very first time in the history of “PBB,” viewers have the power to decide who will remain and who will be kicked out of the famous house in the country.


This means that Big Brother is giving viewers the power to nominate the housemates they want for eviction. To vote to nominate, just text BBNname of housemate and send it to 2331 for Globe, TM, and ABS-CBNmobile subscribers, and to 231 for Smart and Talk ‘N Text subscribers. A SIM may cast only 30 votes per day.

Which housemates will be the first to face the chopping block?

This is just one of the major surprises served up by “PBB All In” over the weekend, including the revelation that host Alex Gonzaga is only a celebrity house guest and not an official housemate.

In the second week of their stay at the famous PBB house, the housemates are looking to step up in their second weekly task called “Selfiemates” after failing their first weekly task. But upon preparation, a misunderstanding sparked between Cess, Vickie, and Chevin, who were assigned to lead, and Michele about the rules of the task.

A minor conflict also came about between Axel and celebrity housemates Alex and Michele over junk food Mang Juan. The Wednesday episode became trending topic on various social media sites. Other housemates noted that Alex and Michele have become increasingly bossy.

Who else will find themselves in conflict?

Before this, ABS-CBN Head of TV Production Laurenti Dyogi announced that there will be no more regular housemates to be added to the current “PBB All In” roster.

“No need for additional regular housemate for now in this season. Marami na sila. No need for now. There will be celeb housemates soon,” he posted on his Twitter account.

On May 10, Direk Lauren tweeted that new celebrity housemate will enter the PBB House soon.

May 13 Update: ABS-CBN PR on Instagram posted: "Sino ang bagong celebrity housemate na papasok sa linggo (Who is the new celebrity housemate who will enter PBB House on Sunday)? Pakatutukan sa PBB All In!". Netizens on Twitter guessed that the new celebrity housemate is no other than Daniel Matsunaga or Dominic Roque.

May 15 Update: Daniel Matsunaga posted a hint on Twitter: "Next few days but I leave everything in Gods hands :) love u all :**** mwah mwah eheheheh thank you thank you pag may time :)."

Amid controversies surrounding PBB’s format and its housemates, Direk Lauren insisted the housemates were selected based on their personalities and life stories and not on their appearance.

“I don’t think we ever got anyone na ‘pangit.’ Every housemate we got was unique and interesting. There are more ‘artistahin’ housemates this season, we don’t see anything wrong with that. Viewers seem to be enjoying the housemates. Our ratings seem to validate that at this point,” he added.

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