Updated: Nursing Board Exam (NLE) Results May 2014 list of passers released

Those awaiting results of May 2014 nursing board exam known as NLE ( Nurse Licensure Examination) may find here complete list of passers, top 10 (topnotchers), top performing schools and performance of schools. The Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) is expected to release NLE results in less 23 working days after the exam.

Nursing Board Exam results May 2014

Here's the full results of May 2014 NLE - nursing board exam:

A total of 29,877 nursing graduates took the exam on May 25 (Sunday) and May 26 (Monday) in several testing centers nationwide which includes Manila, Baguio City, Laoag, Angeles, Cabanatuan, Cebu, Dagupan, Davao, Iloilo, Legazpi, Lucena, Pagadian, Tacloban, Tuguegarao, Zamboanga, Cagayan de Oro (CDO) and Bacolod.

The Board of Nursing (BoN) who administered the examination are Carmencita M. Abaquin, Chairman; Leonila A. Faire, Betty F. Merritt, Perla G. Po, Marco Antonio C. Sto.Tomas, Yolanda C. Arugay and Amelia B. Rosales, Members.

May 2014 nursing board exam covers five (5) parts namely: Nursing Practice I (Basic Foundation of Nursing and Professional Nursing Practice), Nursing Practice II (Community Health Nursing and Care of the Mother and Child), Nursing Practice III (Care of Clients with Physiologic and Psychological Alternations - Part A), Nursing Practice IV (Care of Clients with Physiologic and Psychological Alternations - Part B) and Nursing Practice V (Care of Clients with Physiologic and Psychological Alternations - Part C).

Updates before the release of May 2014 NLE Results:

TheSummitExpress has partnered with PRCBoardNews.com to deliver updates and scoops before the official release of NLE results. On this page, takers can expect exact release date of results by always visiting this site. It's also possible that PRC will release results on earlier date than our expected timeline since there's less than 30,000 takers for May 2014 NLE compared to previous examinations.

June 5, 2014 Update: Reliable source for the exact date of NLE results, Carl Balita posted on Facebook his first riddle: "If not for the new BON appoinment and the PRC week celebration, NLE result would have been predicted on the median day of the month which end is the median of the year of the Wooden Horse. The delay wouldn't be farther than a bakers' dozens' sunrises after such target". Some said that the 'Big Day' is on Saturday, June 28. Median of the the year is June 15 and 'baker's dozen' means 'a group or set of thirteen' (15+13=28).

June 9, 2014 Update: Carl Balita posted his riddle no. 2."To the dreamers with dreams: It is Sunday and better go to the church and pray. For the Catholics, dedicate the succeeding Sundays each to the Holy Trinity for the formula is magical and the universe seems to have defined many wonders in that proportion. God bless the DREAMERS and their ONEness with their DREAMS."

June 15, 2014 Update: "When the identical digits dawn, the countdown begins; and then they sum up to infinity to make the dream and the dreamer as ONE!" - Carl Balita. ( Identical digit is 22 and the infinity symbol looks like 8 means 22+8=30, results are out on June 30?)

June 20, 2014 Update: Based on Facebook posts and comments of Dr. Carl Balita, NLE results will be released SOON earlier than June 30 (PRC target date) and anytime between June 22-June 27, 2014.

June 23, 2014 Update:  PRC has no operations on Tuesday, June 24 due to Special (Non-Working) Day in the City of Manila was declared. By this, it is possible that the anticipated release of results on Thursday (the end of the riddled countdown of Carl Balita) is affected.

On his latest post, it says: "At the end of the riddled countdown is the sunset of the waiting, and the sun will rise as a new chapter of the privileged life." Followers of the 'Ultimate Reviewer' believe that results are out on Friday, June 27.

June 25, 2014 Update: Carl Balita posted: "something exciting is coming today...!!! I'm sure kasali ka!!! Eagles, get Ready Na! Prepare a good SELFIE shot NOW. I will post this within 30 minutes..." Is it the NLE results? (Update: Dr. Balita is talking about the selfie contest before the release of  May 2014 NLE results)

June 27, 2014: Results officially out online!

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