PHOTOS: 'Meteor Garden' star Barbie Hsu gives birth to 'Little Shan Cai'

Manila, Philippines - "Meteor Garden" star Barbie Hsu, more popularly known as Shan Cai in the country gave birth to a baby girl via Caesarean section on Thursday afternoon at a hospital in Taipei.

PHOTOS: 'Meteor Garden' star Barbie Xu gives birth to Little Shan Cai

The 37-year old Taiwanese actress shared some of the photos of the new born baby with his husband Wang Xiaofei on image-sharing site Instagram.

Barbie called her little baby which weighs 3kg the 'Little Shan Cai' as she captioned in one of Instagram posts.

"Thank you everyone for the congratulations! It's a healthy baby! :)" Barbie Hsu said on Twitter.

She also posted, “‘Little angel’/‘leggy girl’ born April 24 15:30 Local time (Taiwan).”

Barbie Hsu married Chinese millionaire Wang Xiaofei on March 22, 2011 after a whirlwind courtship of 20 days.

The as-yet-unnamed child is the couple's first following their marriage.

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