Calvento predicts Deniece Cornejo will surrender after Cedric's fall

Manila, Philippines - Tony Calvento, the award-winning broadcast journalist and supporter of Vhong Navarro on the filed cases against Cedric Lee and his group, predicts Deniece Cornejo will next to fall as she will turn herself in by surrendering.

Deniece Cornejo to surrender next

Calvento on his Facebook page reports breakthrough in the mauling case. From Day 1, Calvento shows continuous support to Navarro in seeking of justice against Deniece and Cedric.

Calvento's statement is following the arrest of Cedric Lee and Simeon 'Zimmer' Raz on Saturday morning in Eastern Samar. They were arrested by the the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) and with the support of Operatives of the Intelligence Service of the Armed Forces of the Philippines ISAFP).

Cedric Lee and Zimmer were brought to Manila in handcuff today at 7:30AM via Tacloban PAL flight.

Cornejo is one of the suspects in the mauling incident happened in Forbeswood Heights Condominium, Taguig City last January 22.

Cornejo filed rape charges against Navarro but the Department of Justice (DOJ) junked the case for lack of evidence.

Calvento also revealed that Deniece Cornejo is still in the country with the other suspects and now sleep in their vehicles because they can't even check in at the hotels and resorts for fear of being recognized.

The National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) alerted all ports in the country to prevent the escape of Cornejo and Cedric group which are now considered fugitives.

The warrant of arrest was issued by the Taguig City Regional Trial Court (RTC) branch 74 on April 21 for serious illegal detention, a non-bailable offense, against them. Meanwhile, Cornejo posted bail on the warrant of arrest issued for the grave coercion case.

Calvento gave details of the arrest of fugitives on his Facebook page:

"They had them tracked down in the Eastern Samar area in one of the vacation house after they moved around in a pick up along the Bicol area sleeping in the pick-up vehicle of Zimmer. They were escorted by a local policeman.

The law enforcers decided to sit it out patiently because only Warrants of Arrests last Holy Monday were issued for the Grave Coercion case which was a bailable crime.

After Judge Paz Esperanza Cortez found Probabale Cause to issue Warrants for the accused the operatives started moving in.

They lost contact with the group when Cedric closed his mobile phone or had no signal when they went trekking up the mountains when on Holy Monday the Judge Cortez issued ordered their arrest.

The place they were in was beginning to have transients and they feared that they would be recognized.

They went down the mountain when they realized it was a rebel infested area (NPA) camps and training camps all over the place.

Cedric Lee continued using his mobile phone (line) and the signals were easily picked up by the operatives. He had a Globe and Smart line and was using it alternately.

They decided to go there because Zimmer has relatives in Brgy. Solsogon and Dolores, Eastern Samar.

This morning their local driver (not the John Doe) was first to be arrested. He was driving Zimmer Raz' pick-up.

Shortly after lunch, Cedric and Zimmer were concerned and had no choice but to surrender or die should they resist.

This is considered an arrest and not a surrender.

Cedric Lee refused to answer questions without a lawyer which is his right to do so after they were Mirandized (or read their rights i.e. The right to remain silent… The right to counsel… Anything they say could be used against them in a court of law etc.)."

According to Calvento, other suspects in the mauling case Jed Fernanadez and Ferdinand Guerrero were warned by the Sec. Leila Delima to surrender or face the risk of getting hurt.

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