Roxanne Acosta-Cabañero files rape complaint against Vhong Navarro

MANILA, Philippines – Freelance research analyst and former pageant contestant Roxanne Acosta-Cabañero claimed she was raped by the controversial actor-host Vhong Navarro as seen on the alleged complaint affidavit which surfaced online on Thursday, February 20.

Roxanne Acosta-Cabañero files rape complaint against Vhong Navarro

The complaint affidavit

Print and broadcast journalist Tony Calvento posted on his Facebook page the affidavit of alleged rape victim (pertaining to Cabanero) of Vhong Navarro. Calvento said it was given to him exclusively by a very reliable source and the complaint is now awaiting preliminary investigation at the Pasig Prosecutor's Office.

The affidavit says that Cabañero met Navarro in the ABS-CBN noon time show "Show Time" when their pageant guested on April 24, 2010. She claimed that Navarro got her cellphone number through the help of the staff of the said show.

"In the afternoon of April 24, 2010 a number appeared on my cellphone receiving a text message from number 0917-484**** introducing himself as Vhong Navarro", the affidavit says.

It also claimed that Navarro suggested to have a meet up at her hotel at Astoria Plaza, Ortigas, Pasig City but she denied the proposal and they have decided to pick up her and continue their discussion in the coffee shop instead.

Within the hours of 10:30 to 11:30 pm, Cabañero said Navarro messaged her advising that he would pick up her few meters from the hotel to avoid being seen by any of the contestants or the public.

While inside the car, affidavit says that Vhong told her the following: "So, ano lets go somewhere private". She replied: "What? I thought we were gonna go for coffee?" and the comedian said: "alam mo naman hindi ako pwede mag coffee out kasi ako si VHONG NAVARRO mahirap na at ma chismis pa tayo."

While driving around Ortigas, Cabañero claimed that Navarro placed his hand on her private part and had caressed it. She signalled "huy ikaw ha" and he said "You're cute kase".

Later on, Navarro pulled the car over a few meters away from the hotel under the shaded tree and alleged rape incident happened. After this, Roxanne Cabañero claimed Navarro threatened her not to tell everyone about the incident.

Roxanne Cabañero TV Patrol interview

Cabañero has a doubt being interviewed by TV Patrol since Navarro is an ABS-CBN talent. Cabañero claimed she was inspired by Deniece Cornejo's story about Vhong Navarro that's why she revealed the incident after four years.

"I cannot keep this forever. I'm living in fear for 4 years. At pagod na akong matakot. It was the most horrific moment of my life.", Cabañero said.

"I trusted him with his image na komedyante siya," she added.

"He violated me and took a crime. He raped me. And that's something I want to fight. This is really tough, a bloody war. And I said, let's do it. This is not about being famous, I'm seeking for justice," Cabañero expressed emotionally.

She refused allegation that she is connected with Cedric Lee and don't' know personally the businessman. "Wag mo muna ako lapitan," she told Cedric.

"I want to see him (Navarro) on court. I want him to explain why he did that. I want him to apologize.", Cabañero insisted.

Vice Ganda's concert with Vhong during alleged rape

Island Cove Hotel and Leisure Park in a photo sent to ABS-CBN News confirmed that Vice Ganda held his concert with Vhong Navarro on April 24, 2010 in Kawit, Cavite, on the same night that Roxanne Acosta Cabañero claimed that she was allegedly raped by the TV host and actor in Pasig City.

Vice Ganda Concert at Island Cove, Cavite April 24, 2010

Actress Bianca Lapus has come to the defense of Navarro, her former husband, and noted the alleged inconsistency in the complaint-affidavit of Cabanero. The Instagram post of Lapus was captioned: “Need I say more? April 24, 2010 8pm onwards island cove cavite.”

Singer Kean Cipriano posted his tweet 2:20 a.m. on April 25, 2010, just after the concert ended.

"just got home from island cove. congrats VICE GANDA and Vhong. you guys are the best!", Cipriano tweeted.

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