Deniece Cornejo's lolo says 'she has a good heart'

Manila, Philippines – Deniece Cornejo's lolo on Sunday, February 2 broke his silence to express full support for his grand niece in the allegations against the It's Showtime host Vhong Navarro.

In the premium exclusive interview of "Buzz ng Bayan" to Mr. Rodrigo Cornejo, the former President of GMA-7 and current professor clarified that Deniece is a good person and said that it’s about time that someone tells the public who she truly is.

Deniece Cornejo's lolo says 'She has a good heart'

According to him, the accusations and negative comments against Deniece hurt their family.

"Siya ang biktima eh at nakikita ko na helpless, magmula nang lumaki 'tong isyu na 'to, wala akong nakitang magandang sinabi tungkol sa kanya," Rodrigo Cornejo said.

"She's a lovely person, not because she is my grandniece but because she has a good heart."

He also mentioned that Deniece has no plan for showbiz stardom and prefers to be a lawyer.

The professor also discussed the reason why it's a week after a member of their family have spoken to defend Deniece.

"Ang kanyang ama, nasa abroad, yung kanyang mother at kanyang lola, Deniece is worried ayaw niyang mapahamak sila," Cornejo explained.

Mr. Cornejo also answered the intriguing question if Deniece and the alleged matermind in the assault Cedric Lee have a relationship.

"I looked at her in the eye [sabi ko] 'may relasyon kayo [ni Cedric]'? sabi niya 'wala'."

He also believed on the allegation of attempted rape against Vhong Navarro.

"[Sabi ko] 'yung charge mo totoo ba yun' sabi niya, 'yes lolo' and I chose to believe her," ani Cornejo.

On January 26 when Deniece Cornejo was named one of the involved in the mauling incident to Vhong Navarro, the public's ire to her came out and her personal life caught public interest. TheSummitExpress Research on that day revealed that she is the grand niece of the second President of GMA-7.

The fury of netizens surfaced on Twitter trending topics and on Facebook as they believed that GMA-7 was in favor of Deniece due to her relationship with an executive of the network. Meanwhile, GMA-7 issued statement that Deniece is not related to the 'big boss' of the network.

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