Sarah-John Lloyd movie poised to replace 'Sisterakas' on box-office record

Mico del Rosario, Star Cinema Advertising and Promotions Manager announces on Friday, April 12, 2013 that 'It Takes a Man and a Woman', the Sarah-John Lloyd movie is now close to P300 million earnings in about 2 weeks of showing on local cinemas. The blockbuster movie now on track to replace 'Sisterakas' on the box office record - highest grossing film of all time.

ABS-CBN also confirmed the possible Part 4 of Miggy-Laida story due to the success received from the fans and movie-goers.

Sarah Geronimo said she agrees with Cruz's statement that they could do a fourth installment of the "A Very Special Love" series if there is a good script.

In the movie, Miggy (Cruz) and Laida (Geronimo) try co-exist in the same company after breaking up over a character portrayed by actress Isabelle Daza.

Now with more experience and a "fiercer" attitude after spending years in the United States, Laida returns and challenge Miggy in his business decisions.

The set-up later proves challenging for the former couple to withstand, making it difficult for them to finally come up with a "happy ending."

"A Very Special Love," released in 2008, made P179.3 million, while "You Changed My Life," released in 2009, earned P225.2 million during its run.

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