COMPLETE LIST: Smart, Globe, Sun or Dito mobile number prefixes Philippines

    MANILA, Philippines – Is your number Smart, Globe or Sun Cellular? This could be a tough question as mobile number prefixes in the Philippines continuous to grow. Fret no more as we provide an updated list of mobile number prefixes [as of May 2020], which also includes Touch Mobile (TM), Talk 'N Text (TNT) and the third telco player Dito Telecommunity (once announced).

    Smart, Globe, Sun or Dito mobile number prefixes Philippines

    For some, it is essential to identify the network provider for a particular mobile number to avoid accidental load consumption or charges if not covered by the registered promo.

    The numbering plan and mobile prefixes allocation in the Philippines are regulated by the National Telecommunications Commission, an attached agency under the Department of Information and Communications Technology (DICT).

    Mobile phone numbers in the Philippines are 11-digit long for domestic use and using this format: "0 9yy xxx-xxxx". For international callers, instead of 0, should use the international dialing code of +63 or this format: "+63 9yy xxx-xxxx".

    In a strict sense (without the international calling code), mobile phone numbers are technically 10 digits - three digits for the service provider or mobile area code plus the seven digits number.

    Some of the first mobile area codes were 912 for Mobiline or Piltel, 915 for Islacom, 917 for Globe Telecom, 918 for Smart Communications, and 973 for Express Telecom.

    NOTE: TNT under Smart Communications was formerly known as Piltel, Mobiline and Phone Pal. TM under Globe Telecom was formerly known as Islacom, Touch Mobile, and also known as Republika ng TM. Express Telecom or Extelcom is subsidiary of Vega Telecom, the Philippines' first mobile phone network operator and operated an analog AMPS network.

    To meet the growing demands on mobile phone (commonly known as cell phone in the country), telecommunication companies continuous to add new mobile number prefixes.

    Meet the telecommunications companies in the Philippines

    Smart Communications, Inc. (Smart) - wholly-owned wireless communications and digital services subsidiary of PLDT, Inc., the Philippines’ leading telecommunications company.

    Smart Communications, Inc. (Smart)

    Smart serves approximately 95% of the country’s cities and municipalities (as of end September 2019) with its combined 2G, 3G, and 4G LTE network, providing mobile communications services, high-speed internet connectivity, and access to digital services and content to over 71.4 million Filipinos, through its commercial brands Smart, TNT, and Sun Cellular (Sun).

    NOTE: As mentioned, Sun Cellular is a brand under Smart after PLDT acquired Digitel Mobile Philippines, Inc. (DMPI) from JG Summit Holdings in 2011. Sun was known for its intra-network unlimited services and for revolutionizing the country's telecommunications industry practices.

    Sun Cellular

    Globe Telecom - shortened as Globe, is also a major telecommunications services provider in the country. As of end-2019, the Ayala-led company's total mobile subscriber base reached 94.2 million, according to its report. Globe also has TM under its umbrella.

    Globe Telecom logo

    Dito Telecommunity - formerly known as Mindanao Islamic Telephone Company, Inc. or Mislatel, is the upcoming third telco player in the Philippines. It is a consortium of Davao businessman Dennis Uy's Udenna Corporation and its subsidiary Chelsea Logistics Corporation, and Chinese state-owned China Telecommunications Corporation.

    Dito Telecommunity logo 2020

    Dito, the sole winner of the government-sanctioned bidding to break duopoly of PLDT and Globe, is expected to begin its commercial operations by March 2021, with a scheduled first call at the end of May 2020.

    Dito was derived from Filipino word "here".

    The new telco company reported to set-up 1,600 base stations to cover 37% of the country. Pre-commercial trial is set on September 2020. Dito will offer 4G LTE first before moving to 5G technology in 2021.

    Smart, Globe and Dito signed deal for 'lifetime' cellphone numbers

    In December 2019, telco giants forged partnership to allow subscribers to retain their cell phone numbers even if they change networks or shift from postpaid to prepaid subscription, and vice versa.

    Through Republic Act 11202 or known as "Mobile Number Portability or MNP Act" signed in February 2019, Smart, Globe and Dito are expected to integrate their systems to Syniverse infrastructure to fulfill the deal. The latter will serve as clearinghouse for the telcos and ensuring smooth implementation of number porting services.

    NOTE: This flexibility on changing network will entail confusion on what network one mobile phone number is. But it is expected that these telcos will provide means on how to identify if number belong to Smart, Globe or Dito. We will find out soon.

    Here's the complete list of mobile number prefixes in the Philippines (for update once Dito mobile prefixes and sim cards become available):

    Smart & TNT Sun Cellular Globe & TM ABS-CBN Dito
    0813 0922 0817 0937
    0900 0923 0904
    0907 0924 0905
    0908 0925 0906
    0909 0931 0915
    0910 0932 0916
    0911 0933 0917
    0912 0934 09253
    0913 0940 09255
    0914 0941 09256
    0918 0942 09257
    0919 0943 09258
    0920 0944 0926
    0921 0972 0927
    0928 0973 0935
    0929 0974 0936
    0930 0937
    0931 0945
    0938 0953
    0939 0954
    0940 0955
    0946 0956
    0947 0963
    0948 0964
    0949 0965
    0950 0966
    0951 0967
    0968 0973
    0969 0975
    0970 0976
    0971 0977
    0980 0978
    0981 0979
    0982 0994
    0985 0995
    0989 0996
    0992 0997

    How to identify number Smart, Globe or Sun
    Note: The 0925 prefix is formerly Globe Telecom's number but later on became a Sun Cellular prefix number.  All 0925 prefix which is followed by numbers 3,5,6,7 and 8 are all Globe numbers.  Otherwise, it is a Sun number.

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