'Gwiyomi' or 'Kiyomi' song, video goes viral in the Philippines

    Korean internet craze “Gwiyomi” or “Kiyomi” goes viral in the Philippines. Gwiyomi song started a viral trend of people uploading their own "Gwiyomi Song" videos to YouTube.

    Aside from Youtube, Gwiyomi is also a hot topic on Twitter and a rising search term on Google Philippines over the last 7 days.

    Gwiyomi song is from the lead single of Korean singer Hari. The full lyrics is available below.

    The 'Kiyomi' though it's not a dance craze is expected to be popular nationwide like the 'Harlem Shake' and 'Oppa Gangnam Style'. It is an Aegyo that means “acting cute.”  Gwiyomi is only done using the hand gestures and "cute" face.

    The Gwiyomi does not only mean 'cute' as stated by many. It is translated as "cute little ear" or "cute little spoon". The whole word Gwiyomi is an allusion on the German word "Häschen". A Häschen is a designation and describes a little cute young bunny. The allusion can only be understood, if you know, that in german language the ears of a bunny or rabbit are called spoons.

    The song basically tells the love of a girl and a boy. The chorus of the song is highlighted in the craze for counting such as “1+1 = Kiyomi, 2+2 = Kiyomi (up to 6).”

    The craze started from BToB MTV DiaryMany, a variety show that features the South Korean idol group BTOB wherein Jung Il Hoon performed Kwiyomi Song with cute actions and gestures.

    Here is one of the most popular 'Gwiyomi' acts online:

    Cosplayer Alodia Gosiengfiao and Vice Ganda are among the top Filipinos who promotes craze in the Philippines.

    'Gwiyomi'/ 'Kiyomi' Lyrics in English

    Ki- Ki- Kiyomi, Ki- Ki- Kiyomi

    Over a chocolate muffin
    Waiting for a cup of savory milk
    Oppa and I sit facing each other
    And scribble on each other’s hands

    *Don’t look at other girls
    No matter what they say
    You’re mine (You’re mine)
    Don’t even talk to other girls
    I’m yours (I’m yours)
    Please pinky promise me
    That you’ll never leave me alone

    1 plus 1 equals Kiyomi
    2 plus 2 equals Kiyomi
    3 plus 3 equals Kiyomi
    Ki- Ki- Kiyomi, Ki- Ki- Kiyomi
    4 plus 4 equals Kiyomi too
    5 plus 5 equals Kiyomi too
    6 plus 6 equals chu chu chu chu chu chu Kiyomi
    I’m Kiyomi

    * repeat

    One, two, three
    Close your eyes and come to me
    When you touch my cheeks with your two hands
    I stop your lips from kissing and…

    ** repeat

    * repeat

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