MOR reveals 'The Voice Philippines' coming this June 2013 - audition schedule, procedure and prize announced

    My Only Radio (MOR) 943 Sikat, Regional FM station of ABS-CBN at Tacloban revealed on Friday, January 4, 2013 the possible airing date of 'The Voice of the Philippines', the newest acquisition of TV giant for reality singing competition. MOR said that brand new show is coming this June 2013 and the winner will have chance to win 2 Million pesos at the grand finals. Audition process at Tacloban is also announced.
    The Voice of the Philippines logo
    Photo: The Voice of the Philippines
    If you have the voice, join the pre-screening of 'THE VOICE of the Philippines' - Radio Auditions on January 7 - 11, 2013 from 9am to 5pm at MOR 94.3 Tacloban, ABS-CBN 5F Uytingkoc Bldg., Avenida Veteranos, Tacloban City.

    Here's the step-by-step procedure of the audition for Tacloban:
    - Contestants shall have to sing in acapella for 30seconds to 1minute.
    - No age limit.
    - Contestant may do SOLO or DUO.
    - Songs can be by any artist and from any genre. Original compositions are not allowed.
    - Family, friend, managers, vocal intructors, etc. will NOT be allowed at the audition.
    - Contestants under 18 years old or are otherwise a minor, one (1) parent or guardian will be allowed  at the audition.
    - Those will be able to get through at the pre-screening will be scheduled for the daily and weekly eliminations on MOR 94.3.
    - All weekly winners will move on to the pre-selection with The Voice of the Philippines staff. Those who pass this stage will be flown to Manila for final selection and get the chance to win the 2Million Pesos grand prize.
    Announcent of the audition schedule at Tacloban was released via MOR 94.3 Sikat Facebook account.

    The Voice Philippines Radio Audition Announcement-Tacloban
    Photo: The Voice Philippines Radio Audition Announcement-Tacloban
    TheSummitExpress will update this blog for more details of the audition schedule and venue for other areas.

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