Philippines officially a top 'Twitter Nation' with 9.5M registered users

    The Filipinos now ranked 10th worldwide among users of the social networking site Twitter, with around 9.5 million registered users, according to a new study by social media monitor Semicast.

    It is no doubt that Twitter is the best social media we ever had. Twitter became the leading platform in terms of live events, social gathering and major events where real time information is a must. It binds the world to a common interest thru the popular #hashtag.

    Philippines officially a top 'Twitter Nation'

    Here is a copy of  press release from Smart:

    Facebook may still rule the Philippine social networking scene, but if the new study by social media monitor Semiocast (http://semiocast.com) serves as any indication, its claim no longer remains unchallenged.

    According to the firm’s global poll which analyzed 517 million Twitter profiles, the Philippines now has around 9.5 million registered users. This puts the country in the 10th spot in the worldwide rankings trailing Spain and staying one step ahead of Turkey.

    “This is certainly good news, but, frankly, not really surprising,” said Smart Chief Wireless Advisor Orlando Vea. “Filipinos have always been active in social media and we are increasingly using mobile phones to tweet or post on Facebook.”

    Officially dubbed the “social media capital of the world” in 2011 the Philippines reportedly has around 93.9% of its 40-million strong Internet population on Facebook. It surpassed more progressive countries in large part because of the affordability of gadgets and the accessibility of Internet services made available by local telcos.

    Smart, in particular, offers the most number of Android devices in the country ranging from entry-level smartphones such as the LG Optimus Pro and Samsung Galaxy Pocket to top-tier offerings such as the HTC One X and Samsung Galaxy S3.

    Being able to take full advantage of Smart’s high-speed data connectivity, posting status updates and tweets are as easy as sending text messages.

    “What good is having an expensive smartphone if you can’t use it properly? With Smart, you’re sure to receive every tweet, every update, and every ‘Like’” said Vea.

    Complementing the best devices is the best range of plans and peripherals that enable all Filipinos to enjoy the power of the Internet.

    From USB dongles to high speed pocket routers and from time-based, daily, weekly, and monthly plans to volume-based allocations, Smart makes possible the concept of piecemeal access to the web or more commonly known as “Internet Snacking.”

    “Filipinos have unique spending and surfing habits and we have to be very creative when addressing needs,” said Vea.

    In its own way, Smart has also been very active in social media sites. It boasts of having more than 1.2 million ‘likes’ on Facebook (the most from any Filpino company), over 15,000 friends on Foursquare, and close to 200,000 followers on Twitter all of which, enable the company to further reach out to its loyal subscribers.

    “Wherever and whenever Filipinos need to reach us, we will be there,” said Vea. “This is all part of our efforts to help everyone Live More than they thought possible,” he said.
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