Beijing 2008 vs. London 2012 Opening Ceremony: Chinese got better!

Articles about London 2012 opening ceremony being compared to Beijing 2008 Summer olympics are circulating and it says the same, Chinese got better in the artistic event of the opening. The Summit Express agrees to this that Beijing 2008 shows more fascinating acts and no one ever expected to see how Chinese collaborated with good synchronization, concepts and massive participation for the opening ceremony.

View here the official Youtube video of the most praised Beijing 2012 Olympics Opening Ceremony.

View Here the London 2012 Youtube video and you judge which is better.

China's most famous film director, Zhang Yimou already predicted that London 2012 will be not comparable to Beijing 2008 because  trade unions would never allow it. "It was so troublesome," he said. "They only work four and a half days each week. Every day there are two coffee breaks, and no-one can suffer any discomfort because of human rights".

He said only Chinese performers were skilled, disciplined and obedient enough to lay on the sort of song and dance display seen on Sunday night and admired around the world.

"I often joke with (foreign interviewers) and say that our level of human performance is second in the world," he said. "Number one is North Korea. Their performances are totally uniform, and uniformity in this way brings beauty. We Chinese can do it too. After hard training and strict discipline, Chinese achieve that as well."


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