London Olympics 2012 grand opening working videos

London 2012 Olympics have just began with the most awaited Grand opening ceremony, July 27, 2012 creates big excitation for those who have attended and to all spectators of the Summer Olympics that marks  sports history  worldwide. Opening ceremony marks amazing fireworks, dances and routines.

Olympic Stadium for London 2012 Olympics
Photo: Olympic Stadium for London 2012 Olympics Opening Ceremony

The London 2012  Olympics Opening is a memorable event with Danny Boyle, Oscar-winning director  lead the ceremony. Stephen Daldry, filmmaker is also part of the tedious planning for the this glamorous event. Opening ceremony showcase London's diverse culture and musical heritage. The city of London has seen many sagas and both Boyle and Daldry are going to showcase it through movie effects and soundtracks.

Ceremony also assert the financial prowess, prestige and competitiveness of a country. Some of the best features of  opening ceremony are the parade of all representing athletes and arrival of Olympic Flame. It signals the beginning of the biggest month long sporting festival in the world.

Target number of spectators is around 80 thousand in the stadium with 10 thousand athletes representing 205 nations.

Based from the plan, Jacques Rogue the president of IOC will welcome the royal Highness Queen Elizabeth at the entrance of the stadium.Greece is the place where Olympics were first started, so to honor the country in the Olympic Games, Greek team is paraded first. The UK team would be the last team to enter the stadium.

Learn more about London 2012 at their website . They also provided a spectator Twitter channel to help you make the most of your London 2012 experience. Just follow. @L2012Spectators for the latest spectator information.


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