Alureon Malware a DNS Changer Could Black-Out Around 250K Computers

    The Alureon Malware is responsible for the worldwide possible  computer black-out  and the risk of losing Internet access due to this malicious software created by the hackers that US authorities shut down last November.
    Check yout DNS Changer
    Photo: Check Your PC from DNS Changer

    What is Alureon Malware?
    Alureon is one of the most dangerous malware infections. The Alureon Trojan and rootkit can search a computer system’s network traffic and extract account information, passwords, online banking data and credit card information.

    Be sure that your computers are not infected by the DNS Changer. Computers still infected by DNS Changer by July 9, 2012 will be unable to connect to the internet.

    What is DNS Changer?
    DNS Changer is a globally-distributed malicious sotware (malware) created in 2007 by Internet hackers that modifies the Domain Name Server(DNS) setttings of infected computers.
    The malware directs users to servers owned by the hackers instead of servers od the real websites, enabling hackers to display advertisements of fake or malicious products and direct users to websites infected by other malware.

    In 2011, law enforcement agencies from around the world arrested the group behind DNSChanger. To counteract its initial effects, malicious DNS servers were shutdown and alternate DNS servers were set up to temporary replace the malicious servers and give people time to clean the infection.
    However, on July 9 2012, these temporay servers will be shutdown, rendering computers still infected with DNS Changer unable to access internet services.

    What To Do?
    In line with the worldwide effort against DNS Changer, check your computer to determine if the device is infected with the malware.

    To check your computer if infected, visits the ffg sites:

    Read the advisory from www.dcwg.org for more details.

    If you have DNS Changer, a red background will show up on your screen .

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