What is wrong with KFC Streetwise Cheese Top Burger?

Recently, KFC launched their latest addition on Streetwise Meals - it's a Chicken Burger with a cut of Cheese on top. Really unbelievable as TV ad says but it's true. The burger with cheese on top became a viral topic worldwide today.

KFC Cheese Top Burger most-talked about
Photo: Most talk-about Burger Today, Cheese Top Burger from KFC

However, the new food attraction at KFC seems to be a marketing strategy. Doing crazy thing, not common and out of the box idea into reality. It is just like a superhero having undies outside and yet the whole world accept it.

It just created a noise not only in the online world but also in another countries which thought the burger is very fancy and the fast-food restaurant is very strange.

Watch the KFC Cheese Top Burger Commercial Here:

Jimmy Kimmel on his show  Jimmy Kimmel Live! featured the new product from KFC. The show is an American longest -running late-night talk show and being broadcasted on ABC. The purpose of the feature is to state the difference of KFC in America to the Philippines and the negative impact of the new offering.

Here is the KFC OMG Feature from Jimmy Kimmel Live!

According to KFC, the concoction is “the first and only cheese-topped bun burger with KFC’s signature Original Recipe chicken patty with rich Garlic Parmesan dressing.” Actually, we're sure on their claim  “first and only cheese-topped bun burger.”. It is only a result of imagination on how they are going to incorporate their slogan, "Finger Lickin' Good".

The KFC Cheese Top Burger also trends on Twitter worldwide, June 30. From many of  the posts, it is clear that review is negative after watching Jimmy Kimmel's created KFC OMG commercial.

However, from some persons who already tried the burger, there's no problem with that idea.

"The KFC Cheese Top Burger is trending worldwide! Try it to find out what the buzz is all about. Share your experience using #KFCcheesetop!", @KFCPhilippines said on their Twitter account.

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