Final 2 of American Idol 2012: Jessica Sanchez vs. Phillip Phillips

    A night before the American Idol Top 3 performance night, Jessica Sanchez tweeted that she has a sore throat. Of course, everybody was worried to her that it might affect or create impact on her performance.

    Final 2 of American Idol 2012: Jessica Sanchez vs. Phillip Phillips

    But performance-wise, she still managed to impress her fans and the judges specially Steve Tyler. Tyler proved that "she is one of the best singers in America" by another standing ovation. The rendition of "I don't Wanna Miss a Thing" by Aerosmith is refreshing and powerful. Truly deserves to win the Americal Idol Season 11 title. She's already a winner by her charm and skills on singing.

    "I don't Wanna Miss a Thing" became trending topic on Twitter Philippines. Pinoy fans are satisfied by her choice of song.

    Aside from Jessica's popularity in America, she is very popular in the Philippines. Filipinos support Jessica Sanchez and pray that she will be the first Filipino to win the idol crown.

    On the other hand, the performance of Joshua Ledet is also good. Jimmy Lovine chose "No More Drama" for Joshua on Round Three. The act is dramatic. JLo alluded his timing in songs is impeccable and that is why any potential flaws are seen as great singing and the whole package.

    Although, it was predicted that Jessica and Joshua will meet at the finals, Joshua was eliminated during announcement of top 2 contenders. It is a battle between Jessica and Philip for the American Idol title.

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