China TV Creates "Gaffe" on Claiming Philippines as Chinese Territory

    The topic "China TV claims Philippines as part of Chinese territory" became an instant and hot topic in the Philippines after a reporter of CCTV(China Central Television's) has accidentally declared a sensitive issue in the news broadcast.

    According to He Jia, "We all know that the Philippines is China's inherent territory and the Philippines belongs to Chinese sovereignty, this is an indisputable fact".

     The video of the newscast spread over the internet after the late Monday broadcast.The presenter apparently meant to say that the Huangyan islands -- known in the Philippines as the Scarborough Shoal, and claimed by both nations -- is China's territory.

    The embarrasing statements creates online buzz specially on Twitter. Many Filipinos are commenting on different articles regarding the issue. Filipinos believe that China, being the fourth largest country in the world should stop claiming for more territories. China is being accussed of claiming islands which are rich in oil and other natural resources.

    China TV claims Philippines

    Here are some of the comments from Yahoo News Philippines:

    From jords22505 : "China= today, the Philippines... tomorrow, the World! lol~ its all because of greed. damn the chinese government"

    From bong: "That's how casual China could claim a territory even without basis. It's not a gaffe'. It's a Chinese disease since time immemorial..."

    From Yahoo user: "The TV host is lack of history. he needs a history facts. not by an online hacked encyclopedia. as you can see filipinos are far more handsome and beautiful people than those mongoloid Chinese."

    We all know that some Filipinos are patronizing "China-made" products, foods and culture but it's not necessarily mean that China owns us. We are from the Malayan race and we believe that Lapu-lapu is one of our ancestors, no Chinese at that time. We don't even good in Mandarin so definitely there is no Chinese dominance on us.

    As China do this to us, we Filipinos develops our unity and love for our country. We are all proud Pinoy.

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