Top ways to celebrate Mother's Day Celebration 2012

    We’re smart, evolved humans, and I think it’s high time we got this Mother’s Day thing right. It’s all about showing love and appreciation and creating a tailor-made celebration for those we love. With the big day right around the corner, now is the ideal time to share some insight on planning the perfect Mother’s Day (whether it’s for you or a mom in your life). Here are the top ways to celebrate Mother's Day 2012.

    Get personal
    If I ever have a birthday or Mother’s Day beef, it’s that no personal thought went into the day. Make sure that you take time to create a personal element and add it to the docket. Do something that’s important to you or your mom, such as attending church together, enjoying a national park, or visiting a favorite nursery. You get the idea. For ultimate satisfaction, the day should include something that Mom loves and feeds her soul.

    Lighten the load
    Whether you’re prepping for your own day or the day of another, make plans to lighten the day’s workload. Do they loathe cooking? Plan dinner out or do the cooking yourself. Do they relish time in the garden like me? Complete everyday chores like laundry or vacuuming to free up their schedule and make Mother’s Day different from the rest. To supercharge these efforts, get kids in on the plan have them help.

    Quality over quantity
    You’re nearing the end of this column, and I’ve barely suggested anything that costs money. You don’t need to spend to have an impact, just tailor the day around the person you’re celebrating and make every idea count. Knock out items on a “honey-do” list or clean her car, inside and out. She’ll appreciate both for weeks to come.

    Success is in the details
    I suppose this is just another way to advise making the day truly personal, but it’s so important. Find ways all day long to let Mom know what she means to you through your actions. It’s amazing how it lifts a Mom’s spirits to have little reminders of her special day peppered throughout. This is easily achieved for those of us with little ones at home, where chores done without threats are little bits of heaven on earth.

    Put some thought into your own heaven on earth and share it with those you love. I know you hate to tell them what to do, but just think how great your day will be if they actually do it. Get planning and set everyone up for the best Mother’s Day celebration.


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