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Team Summit Express: The Authors

Welcome to The Summit Express, a reliable online news portal in the Philippines!

As the name implies, The Summit Express news blog deals with the philosophy for two important things - "summit" (the highest in all points from the adjacent sites | an online discussion) + "express" (to convey a thought or feeling in words | deliver message in the fastest and accurate manner).
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This news blog aims for uncompromised journalism to deliver the freshest and most relevant stories for the Filipinos worldwide.

Meet our writers and the people behind this site:

1. John Eagle - Editor

Administrator and founder of The Summit Express. He is a licensed Electronics and Communications Engineer (ECE) and currently working in one of the country's largest companies. He is a social media addict and lives on the internet. He writes about the latest news on technology, entertainment, weather, events, politics and various bulletins.

2. Mini Malabanan - nation, feature, trending and viral news

A work-from-home mom based in Laguna, Mini discovered her passion in writing almost 20 years ago. More than writing, the 30-something writer enjoys cleaning up the mess of her adorable kids, Teo and Yanna, as well as her husband, Aj.

3. Joey Boy Capos - sports, trending and viral news

When away from his laptop, Joey loves spending his extra time in the kitchen. He wrote his first fantasy novel at the age of 20. But until today, it remains unpublished. Joey is a semi-professional benchwarmer and being paid to do high fives and chest bumps to his teammates.

4. Michael Santiago - politics and editorial

Michael is a graduate of Media Studies from the Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University in Japan. He has been writing socio-political news and editorial articles for The Summit Express since 2014.​

5. Mae Tuazon - feature, trending and viral news

Mae is a graduating communication student. She's thriving hard for the career she really want to pursue and that is--to write, write and write more. She likes to read, sniff old and new books, and find interesting stories around. She lives with the saying "I write better than I speak."

6. Jhanno_SJY - Tech support/ web developer

7. Other Contributors/photographers (Jeff O., JE, Rein, Kyle Kam)

Be part of our growing community, we're still looking for a part-time writer who has a knowledge in writing trending/viral/sports news stories.

If you just want to share your story, scoop or news tip, e-mail us at or tag either of our social media accounts - Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.