Kris Lawrence defends Alex Gonzaga, celeb’s camp speaks up on viral birthday video

MANILA, Philippines – Kris Lawrence joined the trending topic list after he reacted and defended actress-vlogger Alex Gonzaga.

The singer is among the many netizens and celebrities who shared their reactions to Alex’s viral video. The said video showed Alex smearing icing on the waiter’s face during her advance birthday party.

Kris Lawrence reacts on Alex Gonzaga’s viral cake video
Kris Lawrence reacts on Alex Gonzaga’s viral cake video | Photo Courtesy: Instagram/ Kris Lawrence

But unlike the many who called the video disrespectful, Kris defended Alex’s actions, calling it “a normal thing.” On his Instagram Stories, he wrote, “So now, it’s bad to put cake on someone’s face during a birthday? I thought that was a normal thing.”

Kris Lawrence defends Alex Gonzaga
Photo Courtesy: Instagram/ Kris Lawrence

In a news report online about the issue, Kris also shared his thoughts lamenting how people always have something negative to say to someone. He went on to say that the waiter would probably get something out of the situation.

He commented, “People always have something negative to say. Let’s fast forward and after this event that waiter just went viral will probably get ‘something’ after and a LOT of sympathy, Most recognition he ever got as a waiter.”

Netizens who read his statement called him out for implying that going viral would be the “most recognition” the waiter would ever get. A netizen told Kris how out of touch and privileged he is for thinking that way.

The comment goes, “1. ‘Most recognition he ever got as a waiter’?????? 2. ‘I'm sure he will be grateful that this happened’ ?????? OKAY WOW THIS IS JUST SO OUT OF TOUCH. Iba talaga pag privileged pwedeng apak-apakan ang mga tao.”

Kris replied, “Yup. After all this controversy and noise is out of the way. Just watch.”

Another netizen clarified if Kris was defending Alex’s action, to which the singer replied that Alex was probably just tipsy and was just having fun.

“She was clearly tipsy and it all comes down to intention. She was probably trying to have ‘fun.’ It’s how each one perceives it. For all, we know she probably already said sorry,” he wrote.

Kris clarified that he was not justifying Alex’s actions, but simply does not want people to overreact; after all, the waiter was not injured. He stated, “I’m not justifying her actions, but I just don’t agree with everyone making it such a negative thing. It will all turn out Great though – that, I’m sure of. When he goes to work tomorrow, he'll be ‘the man.’ And it’s not like his life is in danger cuz of some cake on the face.”

Despite it, Kris still came under fire for his comment, especially on Twitter, where netizens called him “matapobre.”

Meanwhile, Peter Ledesma, an entertainment columnist and longtime friend of the Gonzaga family issued a statement regarding the issue. He clarified that the waiter, “Kuya Allan” is close to the family and enjoys having fun with the Gonzagas whenever he serves them during parties.

“Itong si Allan ay laging kabiruan na Mommy Pinty and Alex at ito ang parating nagse-serve sa kanila. Kaya tuwing nagkikita ay binabati agad ni Allan ang mag-mommy, magiliw ito sa kanila,” he explained.

The columnist added that Alex would never play around and smear icing on someone they didn’t know. Kuya Allan was already used to Alex’s antics. Lastly, he said Alex wasn’t drunk, as many had implied.

— Sally, The Summit Express

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