Duterte siblings sweep key elective posts in Davao City

The three Presidential children swept a landslide victory in the Davao City polls.

Mayor “Inday Sara” Duterte is set to secure another term for her re-election Mayoralty bid. She has been a vice mayor before serving 2 terms as mayor.

Duterte siblings sweep key elective posts in Davao City
Victory expected for Duterte siblings | Photo Courtesy: Facebook/Pulong Duterte

Her brother, Sebastian “Baste” Duterte is already a sure winner as Davao City's Vice Mayor. It is Baste's first time to enter politics and he ran unopposed.

Their eldest brother, former Vice Mayor Paolo “Pulong” Duterte, is leading in the Congressional race in Davao City’s 1st District. He has served as barangay captain and then vice mayor before eyeing a seat in Congress.

As of the partial, unofficial results on May 14, 12:26 pm, Sara Duterte is already far along her lone opponent. The incumbent mayor already earned 570,731 votes compared to her opponent Jun Marcellones with 4,192 votes.


Meanwhile, Baste Duterte already has sweeping votes of 548,729. Under the law, the Commission on Election only needs a single vote to declare an unopposed candidate as the winner.

Pulong Duterte is also expected to be declared as the representative of the first legislative district seat of Davao City. He already earned 195,074 votes, while opponents are trailing far behind with Susan Uyanguren (5,081 votes) and Rex Labos (2,112 votes).

The Dutertes have truly made a mark in Davao City. Prior to the holding the highest seat in the country, President Rodrigo Duterte has been a Davao City politician for over 30 years. He served 3 terms as mayor, 3 terms as vice mayor, and one term as 1st District representative.

Despite the Presidential children being influential politicians, Duterte has been wary of them entering politics.

Just after he cast his vote on election day, the President spoke to the media admitting that he doesn't want his children to meddle in politics anymore.

Duterte said, “The earlier that they go out of politics the better. And Inday, I am publicly warning her. The presidency will not educate you, it will just destroy you.”

“Especially with the kind of media ngayon (today), paid hacks, mga hyena. And they themselves know that they are dishing lies,” he added

— Sally, The Summit Express

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