Pauleen Luna gives birth to bouncing baby girl!

Proud father, Vic Sotto surprised the crowd when he announced on Eat Bulaga today that his wife Pauleen Luna gave birth to a healthy baby girl. The name is yet be revealed but the couple confirmed that it will start with letter T.

Pauleen Luna gives birth to bouncing baby girl!

Vic and wife, Pauleen Luna-Sotto are in the moon right now with the birth of their first born. In their Juan for All, All for Juan segment, Vic asked Allan K to greet his wife, Pauleen. The puzzled Allan K greeted a “Happy Birthday” but Vic corrected him that it’s still days away before Pauleen’s birthday.

Allan K proceeded to ask, “Bakit, ano bang meron si Pauleen?”

Bossing beaming with pride, replied, “Anak.”

Sotto was all smiles when he announced the good news. Everyone at Eat Bulaga was all warm and excited for the beloved couple’s announcement. Vic, known his random jokes, quipped “Ayun, pag-alis ko ng ospital, lumulundag-lundag pa rin.”

They promised to share photos of their baby girl very soon. Early this year, the fun-loving couple joked Pep that they plan to name their first born, “Jessica Sotto,” in line with the famous journalist Jessica Soho. But, Pauleen confirmed that the name will start with letter T.

Pauleen has already been absent on their noontime show and announced earlier that she will be taking a time off to prepare for the baby. She posted on Instagram her heartfelt gratitude to their Dabarkad family.

“Thank you, Eat Bulaga for a fun-filled afternoon, especially for all your gifts, love, and support for our little girl. I’m starting my maternity leave and will rest for the arrival of our baby. See you again next year, Dabarkads! Please pray for me and with me for a smooth, easy, and fast delivery! Thank you again and see you guys soon!”

Vic and Pauleen recently had two baby showers given by their family and friends.

Congratulations to the proud parents!

— Sally, The Summit Express

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