Valentine Rosales reveals he lost job, disowned by Chinese father for being gay

MANILA, Philippines – Valentine Rosales admitted his life has turned for the worse after he got involved in the death of his friend, Christine Dacera.
Valentine Rosales

Valentine Rosales
Valentine Rosales with Christine Dacera | Photo Courtesy: Instagram/Valentine Rosales

Valentine was one of the respondents in Christine's case, when she passed away in a hotel bathtub after New Year's Eve party with friends. Recently, medical reports confirmed that Christine's death was due to natural causes.

But even with the cases turning to their favor, Valentine admitted it has changed his life forever. He revealed that he has lost his job at a bank for being involved in the controversial case. It also looks like he won't be hired anytime soon either.

He said, "Hindi pa po ako pwedeng magtrabaho dahil po sa nangyari na ito. Asikasuhin ko po yun lahat pag natapos na po ‘tong kasong ‘to, at mapatunayan na wala po kaming sala."

But Valentine disclosed that what hurt the most was when his Chinese father disowned him for being gay. He said that when he went home, he already had his things packed and ready to leave.

Valentine shared, "Nung weekend po, pumunta po ako sa bahay ko kung saan po ako nakatira kasama ko yung dad ko. Ayun, nakaempake na po lahat ng gamit ko, kinuha ko na lang po. Siya na po ang nag-empake."

"Inutusan po niya yung katulong. Siya na po ang nag-ayos ng gamit ko, kasi ayaw na niya po ako sa bahay," he added.

Valentine Rosales
Photo Courtesy: Instagram/Valentine Rosales

The reason why he was sent away was not only because he was involved in the case of his friend, Christine but largely because of his sexual orientation.

"Kasi nga po, umamin na po ako sa tunay kong kasarian. Hindi po niya matanggap, e," he said.

It can be recalled that Valentine earlier admitted he was forced to "out" that he is gay following the case's investigation. At that time, he said he never confessed or confirmed to his family that he is gay.

Valentine said, "Ang mama ko po, feeling ko, may idea na po siya. Pero nawala na po siya nung 2012. Hindi naman po napapag-usapan… kasi yung papa ko po, Intsik, very close-minded, istrikto po. Hindi naman po kami close ng papa ko, kaya hindi po ako nag-o-open sa kanya."

He added that his Chinese father couldn't accept that his only son is gay.

"Hindi na niya ako in-accept as his son. Malas po kasi sa Chinese yun, and ako lang ang only son. Tatlo po kasi kaming magkakapatid, ako yung gitna sa dalawa niyang daughters," he said.

Valentine said he is currently living with his aunt as he finds his way through the case's ongoing investigation.

— Sally, The Summit Express

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