LOOK: Proposed compensation under new Salary Standardization Law

MANILA, Philippines – A new Salary Standardization Law (SSL) is being proposed to raise the wages of public school teachers, nurses and other government workers.
LOOK: Proposed compensation under new Salary Standardization Law

As Executive Order No. 201, or the Salary Standardization Law (SSL) signed by President Benigno Aquino III will end this year, an initiative has been made to push for another three rounds of salary increase.

Senate Bill No. 49, also known as "An Act Adjusting the Salary Schedule of Civilian Personnel in the Government, and other Purposes," was filed by Senator Ralph Recto in the 18th Congress on July 1.

Under the measure, a salary increase for civilian personnel shall be divided into three (3) tranches for three years:

  • First tranche - January 1, 2020
  • Second Tranche - January 1, 2021
  • Third and Final Tranche - January 1, 2022

The proposed wage hike pushes for a 10% increase in their basic salary per year. In the case of entry-level public school teachers, Salary Grade 11 will be raised to P27,624 (final tranche) from the current salary of P20,754.

According to Recto, the bill "seeks to improve the purchasing power of approximately 1.42 million civil servants in the country that was eroded by inflation by providing an increase in the salary of government workers and personnel."

"It also aims to attract and retain competent and committed civil servants and promote performance-based work among the public sector workers," the senator added.

Here's a sneak peak of the possible changes in the compensation of public school teachers under the final tranche:
  • Teacher 1 (SG11) - 27,624
  • Teacher 2 (SG12) - 30,530
  • Teacher 3 (SG13) - 33,58
  • MT 1 (SG18) - 54,088
  • MT 2 (SG19) - 60,253

For the full list of Salary Grade, you can refer more below:

— Sally, The Summit Express

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