SPONSORED VIDEO: Johnnie Walker Blue Label Truly Makes Special Life Moments Exceptional

Money can buy a lot of things. Then there are those that money can’t buy.

A fantastic birthday party that creates moments forever to be cherished. A wedding so intimate and sweet that captures a couple’s love unlike any other. A milestone marking 25 years of being husband and wife, signifying the strong bond through the years. A successful deal that catapults your business into a higher level. Such special life moments are things that not even money can buy. It is built on something rarer than rare.

Special life moments can be even more exceptional when you celebrate it with class. When it comes to that, nothing compares to having the finest Scotch Whiskey to toast your special life moments. Johnnie Walker Blue Label is on a class all its own. Handpicked by Johnnie Walker Master Blender himself, each bottle of Johnnie Walker Blue Label packs with it not just the finest Scotch whiskey but also a tradition of excellence dating as far back as over 190 years.

Johnnie Walker Blue Label

The Gentleman’s Wager, a Johnnie Walker Blue Label sponsored video that is directed by Jake Scott and starring Jude Law and Giancarlo Giannini, showcases the two men’s amazing life moments made through the course of the short film.

In the video, Law proposes a wager to buy Giannini’s rarer than rare luxurious 1928 Italian boat not with money but with a dance. With a toast of Johnnie Walker Blue Label, these two gentlemen capture their special life moment, an unusual wager made even more exceptional with a glass of the world’s finest Scotch Whiskey.

Jude Law Johnnie Walker Blue Label

WATCH: Johnnie Walker Blue Label - The Gentleman's Wager – PH

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